The friendly staff at Erik's Church invites you to come in, have a drink, and enjoy the day and nights activities. We aim to please, and our skills are dialed in.


Erik's Church is Maine's best place to grab a bite to eat. With our signature recipes, natural ingredients, and state of the art kitchen, you will be more than happy with the value and quality of our sandwiches, burgers, salads, dinners, and much more.


Dancing... many think they can do it, but most can't. The good news is that everyone can enjoy watching those who try. Check out our calendar to see what's going on tonight.


Now open

Erik’s Church is Southern Maine’s Premiere Country music lounge. Country music’s resurgence in today’s culture is a reflection on the timeless and wholesome values Americans have always cherished;

God, family, and country.

The community at Erik’s Church believes in those ideals, and it has a good time while doing so. So if the Church is open, come on in and see what fun times are in store for you.

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