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Saddle Up! We've Got An Event To Plan!

At Erik’s Church we love to party! Whether it’s your last night as a bachelor/ette, a corporate event, or even a Celebration of Life we work with you on all the details to make it an occasion to remember! 

Party planning can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Simply fill out the form below and let’s see if we can take care of the heavy lifting for you with our amazing menu, full bar, and live entertainment. Don’t miss out on our Catering options as well. 

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Our special, VIP seating area is designed to ensure that your party has the best experience possible at Erik’s Church. This reserved section is ideal for parties, gatherings, and groups that are looking to spend a night out in the area’s hottest entertainment establishment. In addition to leather seating for 10, side stage seating for ease of dance floor use, privacy, and a slightly quieter area, and a dedicated ‘Church Girl’ to provide food and beverage service at ease, your party will also enjoy the benefit to cut the line at the door upon your arrival. To reserve the ‘den’ for the night, simply fill out the form on our website
under the Groups and Parties section, or click here (insert link). WE DO NOT HONOR BOOKINGREQUESTS MADE THROUGH OUR RESERVATION SYSTEM FOR THE WOLF DEN.

  1. Subject to availability, minimum 15% gratuity on wolf den tabs.
  2.  Cost is $150 to reserve the den for the night. Includes 10 seat table adjacent to the den.
  3.  Fee due at booking, not confirmed until payment is made. Can be paid in person or over the phone. To book, we will need credit card and e-mail.
  4. Den fee will be waived if a singular tab in party exceeds $1,000.00 on tab (including gratuity). Already paid fee will be applied to the tab in this case.
  5. Additional tables are $50 for a 4 top and $100 for 8 top to be held for the evening. This fee is not able to be waived. Does apply to cancellation policies
  6. House policies on etiquette, age requirements, and alcohol sales still apply
100% refund if cancelled no later than Noon on the Thursday before the reservation 50% refund if cancelled between Noon on the Thursday before the reservation and 4 p.m. the day of the reservation No refunds after 4 p.m. the day of the reservation. If notifying to cancel, Erik’s Church reserves the right to rebook the table/area.